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Most of our pre-concert interviews are conducted by executive director Aaron Gervais, but since he is the one being interviewed this week for our Stravinsky-focused October 2nd concert, we asked artistic director Chad Goodman to step in with some questions. Aaron has two pieces on the show, a shorter trombone duet called Puppies!!! and a longer piece for the full Stravinsky instrumentation called Don’t Look At. Read more ▶

Meet Nick Vasallo, Elevate Ensemble’s composer-in-residence for the 2016/17 season! We couldn’t be more excited to have the chance to collaborate with Nick, who is already at work writing the first of his new pieces for the group. For those who aren’t already familiar with his work, we asked Nick to answer a few ice-breaker questions. Read more ▶

Elevate’s May 22 brunch concert features our final commission of the season from composer-in-residence Nick Benavides. Nick sat down with Elevate executive director Aaron Gervais to discuss his new piece, which blends pop music influences with the classical tradition, and which can be performed using a traditional classical-style score or with a jazz lead sheet. Get your tickets before they sell out! Read more ▶