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  • Chiayu Hsu – Taiwan Miniatures
  • Sahba Amanikia – One Day; Tehran
  • Julie Herndon – new work (world premiere)
  • Charles Ives – Largo Cantabile “Hymn”
  • Minho Yoon – new work
  • Annual call-for-scores winner

Composers have often used the expressive nature of the string orchestra to evoke nostalgic memories of places dear to them. In this program, we bring you several contrasting examples of this idea. Chiayu Hsu explores urban and natural aspects of life in Taiwan, Sahba Aminikia draws inspiration from a 2009 street riot in Tehran, and Charles Ives reflects on favorite church hymns of his youth. Also on the program are a world premiere by our composer-in-residence and a piece by Texas-based composer Minho Yoon.


  • Three sets of music chosen by Elevate Musicians

Come enjoy the next installment of our popular music-and-food events, where we pair the culinary talents of a local chef with complimentary musical selections, each enhancing the experience of the other. You’ll enjoy three sets of music interspersed with hors d’oeuvres and an open bar. This year, we’re asking Elevate’s musicians to select some of their favorite pieces for the program, so it’s a “chef’s choice” both musically and culinarily.


  • Gyorgy Ligeti – Etudes for Piano (selected)
  • Michael Gilbertson – Low Hanging Fruit
  • Ana Sokolovic – Vez
  • Bela Bartok – Contrasts

Sometimes what’s easiest isn’t always what’s best. That theme is explored in this program of virtuosic chamber works that push the performer to the extreme. Michael Gilbertson’s Low Hanging Fruit serves as the title piece, using musical concepts to illustrate the story of the garden of Eden. Also on the program are Gyorgy Ligeti’s Etudes for Piano, one of the most difficult pieces in the 20th-century piano canon, as well as Bela Bartok’s jazz-inspired Contrasts and a Balkan-themed cello solo work by Serbian-Canadian composer Ana Sokolović.


  • Leos Janacek – Mladi
  • Julie Herndon – Visible (world premiere, video by Patricia Robinson)
  • Jordan Kuspa – Flybys
  • Paul Hindemith – Septet for Winds

The history of music composition is full of iconoclasts and freethinkers who forged unique artistic voices that challenged musical norms and enriched our lives forever. In this concert, we celebrate four of them, including Czech composer Leos Janacek, who was famous for his use of Moravian folk music and rhythms drawn from speech, American composer Jordan Kuspa, who pays tribute to the American ethos of individualism, and German composer Paul Hindemith, whose music was deemed “degenerate” by the Nazis. We also include a world-premiere by our own Bay Area iconoclast, composer-in-residence Julie Herndon, who is creating a new mixed-media work in collaboration with projection artist Patricia Robinson.

Come hear a piece that changed music forever. Arnold Schoenberg’s pivotal Chamber Symphony was one of the first to blur the line between tonality and atonality. More Info ▶

So many women are writing amazing music today, there’s really no excuse for the continued overrepresentation of male composers on concert programs. Elevate has always believed in the importance of promoting female composers, but we wanted to do more to balance the scales. More Info ▶

Come hear an all-brass program in a unique art studio that features one-of-a-kind views of SF’s elevated freeways. The evening will be filled with delicious hors d’oeuvres, an open bar, and a program of inspiring music—all while watching the city zooming by. More Info ▶